Mark 50 Series Back Pressure Regulator

Brand: Jordan Valve

The Mark 50 Series handles a broad range of applications including steam, water, oil, gas, air and chemicals. Excellent capacity and the sliding gate trim enables the Mark 50 to quickly and accurately regulate upstream pressure, preventing over-pressure situations.
  • Sliding Gate Trim — Unique seat design provides unsurpassed trim life and accuracy
  • Fast Response — The short stroke of the sliding gate means fast response to changes in process conditions, resulting in less offset in pressure
  • Straight-through Flow — The flow is straight through the valve seats and body. Direction of the disc travel is at right angles with the flow, not opposed to the direction of the flow. Thus the flow does not unbalance the seats
  • Quiet Operation — The design of the Sliding Gate seats make them quieter than other types of regulators. The disc and plate are always in contact, which eliminates chattering. Straight-through flow minimizes turbulence

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