Mark HPX and HPAX Series Globe and Angle Style Control Valve

Brand: Jordan Valve

  • Excellent pressure and flow control on steam, gasses and various liquid applications.
  • The HP Series control valves are high pressure globe and angle valves, designed for high-pressure applications in the process control industry.
  • They are equipped with metal seats, cage guiding and quick-change trim and push-down-to-close valve plug action. These valves use balanced valve plugs.
  • Available in-line (2″ – 6″) or angle (2″) designs.
  • Characterized flow options include equal percentage, modified equal percent and linear.
  • The Mark HPX/HPAX Series valves are ideal for high pressure applications in the process control industry.
  • Cage guiding allows the Mark HPX/HPAX to handle high pressure drops while providing greater plug stability.
  • Optional body and trim materials are available.
  • Quick change trim for easy maintenance.
  • Sour service capability: optional NAcE MRO 175/ISO 15156-2009.

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