Mark 10 Series Pressure and Temperature Controller

Brand: Jordan Valve

The Mark 10 Series was designed to be used with Jordan Valve’s pneumatic and electric control valves. Choose one of the Mark 10 Controllers for reliable and accurate control of pressure and temperature.

  • Available models:
    • Mark 10 Pressure Controller: Pneumatic controller featuring 1-100% proportional band and differential gap.
    • Mark 11 Pressure Controller: Pneumatic controller featuring 2-200% proportional band plus reset.
  • The desired pressure or temperature control point is beyond the range of self-operated or pilot-operated valves.
  • Closer control is required than can be achieved with self-operated or piloted valves.
  • The process being controlled requires wide, proportional band, automatic reset, and/or derivative action.
  • The control instrument is mounted on a remote board.

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