7600 Flow-Through pH Sensor

Brand: ABB Group

The pH / redox (ORP) sensing system 7600 is the result of over fifty years experience of continuous on-line pH measurement. Flow-through and immersion versions are available. Both types can be supplied in glass-coupled polypropylene. A stainless steel version is available as a flow system that caters predominantly for low-conductivity and high-temperature applications.
  • Designed specifically for power and potable water industry applications
    • where pH and REDOX (ORP) measurements are critical
  • Optical stainless steel flowcell
    • essential for high purity water applications
  • Economical option for applications where the conductivity is above 20 μS/cm
    • utilizing a polypropylene flowcell
  • Flowing reference junction option
    • provides a very stable junction potential in high purity water or high suspended solids applications
  • Replaceable reference junction
    • simple to replace for reliable, low-cost maintenance
  • Separate detachable-lead electrodes
    • provides versatility and low-cost electrode replacement
  • Low resistance electrode option
    • for fast response in low temperature applications



Enclosure / Body Material

  • Body: glass-reinforced polypropylene

Material of Construction

  • Flowcell: stainless steel

pH Range

  • 0 t 14

Operating Temperature

  • –5° to 100° C (23° to 212 F )

Maximum Operating Pressure

  • 10.6 bar (150 lbf/in2) at 25° C (77° F)

Process Conenction

  • 1" Female BSPP with 1/2" Female BSPT adaptors
  • 3/8" Female NPT


  • Wall mounting
  • Panel mounting

  • Power
  • Potable water industry

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