Mark 5108 Series Back Pressure Regulator

Brand: Jordan Valve

In many liquid piping systems, it is vital that line pressure is maintained within relatively narrow limits. This is the function of the Mark 5108 Series back pressure regulator.

Installed in the main flow line, the standard Mark 5108-2 acts as a back pressure or pressure sustaining valve. In this configuration the valve maintains a constant upstream pressure regardless of fluctuating downstream demand.

When used in a bypass line, the same model will function as a relief valve, protecting the system against potentially damaging surges.
  • Relief: Maintains a constant inlet pressure by relieving excess high pressure.
  • Sustaining: Prevents pressure from dropping below a minimum.
  • Inlet pressure is accurate over a wide range of flow.
  • Inlet pressure is adjustable with a complete range of control springs.
  • Quick opening with controlled closing.

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